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The rise in popularity of eBooks and eReaders

People’s reading habits around the world are changing, and eBooks are now becoming a more popular form of reading as technology keeps evolving our way of life. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Ebook market was valued at $18.13 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $23.12 billion by 2026.

The history of the eReader

The concept of an electronic book was first devised in 1930, around the same time that paperback books first appeared on the shelves. The New York Times reports that writer Bob Brown first wrote of his idea of an eReader that would allow readers to read books on a screen after viewing his first “talkie” (a movie that includes sound). He called this idea the “readies,” playing off the term “talkies.” Brown’s idea was focused on the belief that “readies” would allow readers to read books much faster than they could read printed books. While Brown’s ideas never caught on when eBooks were eventually created, electronic books have revolutionised reading for everyone around the world.

Easy access to books

Although nothing will ever beat that new book smell, and the feel of the paper when turning the next page of your favourite book, you can’t deny that eBooks are easier to access than hard copy books, especially if you can’t wait for the second installment of your favourite series. One of the main reasons why eBooks have become more popular than physical books is that they are far more accessible. As long as you have an internet connection and a cellphone or tablet, you can access the eBook as soon as you have purchase it.

e-Publishing growth

Electronic publishing is also growing in the education space. According to a report entitled, “Publishing books and other publications in South Africa 2019” conducted by Research and Markets, tertiary education institutes are steadily moving to publications in electronic format, and digital publications are estimated to account for more than 50% of revenue derived from the sale of imported professional books. While the distribution of books in electronic format is a growth area, the distribution of printed books is declining. This report profiles 29 companies, including major publishers such as Pearson South Africa and Media24.

Explore HUAWEI Books

If you’re new to the eReader and eBook space, check out HUAWEI Books, a global digital reading platform. HUAWEI Books has a diverse selection and treasure trove of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and comics for you to explore. If you haven’t downloaded HUAWEI Books yet, click here and enjoy titles like; Love Brewed in AfricaMy Life with the Chimpanzees and The Afrikaans.

One of the great things about eBooks is that you can read in the dark. And HUAWEI Books has night mode for adaptive reading in dark environments. You can also synchronise and save your books and note abstracts on the cloud, and reading records will never be lost. This is incredibly handy if you enjoy re-reading your favourite novel or thrilling sci-fi books. And if you prefer listening to reading then you’ll be happy to know that you can listen to thousands of audiobooks too.

While there are still many people who appreciate having a physical copy of a book in their hand, others are moving towards digital books. Join them by downloading HUAWEI Books from HUAWEI AppGallery now.

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