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These South African Jobs Will Disappear as Technology Takes Over

With every phenomenal discovery in technology, new opportunities follow close behind. Not far away is the time where automation will lead to complete obsoletion of traditional jobs and take over all the sectors.

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South African Crisis

As per the report released by the National Economic Development and Labor Council (NEDLAC) the emerging trends in the sectors like healthcare, energy, transport, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing will lead to the increase in new job opportunities.

The report discusses trends in 12 different industrial sectors including the aforementioned sectors.

How much can Automation Revolutionize Various Industries?

If you take a look at this graph, you’ll notice that in ten years, automation will be a significant part of every industry. The report, with emerging trends and the future of work in South Africa, shows all the upcoming jobs and the ones which are likely to be phased out with the technological advancements.

Let’s look at how the NEDLAC visualizes the future roles of some of the sectors, as an outcome of the 4th industrial revolution, that is the rise of technology.

How the Healthcare Sector will be Affected?

According to researchers, new gadgets are promoting the long-term well-being of individuals rather than focusing on short-term treatments. With the rise of IoT, there are all types of gadgets that allow medical professionals to monitor the health of patients and their daily food intake. In 2022, the average lifespan of humans is also predicted to increase from 73.5 years to 74.4 years. In other words, the number of people crossing 65years of age will eventually rise up to 11.6% of the total population.

What roles will disappear?

With time, the roles of medical transcriptionists, lab technologists, clerks, pharmacy aides, and so on will become history and newer opportunities will be introduced. Some of the roles in the healthcare sector that could emerge are Care-bots, Online Diagnosis, and wellness monitors.

How the Transport Sector will be Affected?

The future of transport sector relies on environmental and technological factors. Specifically, urbanization, human behavior, mentality, and other related aspects can play an important part in the future of the transport industry.

What roles will disappear?

Technological advancements will lead to the use of drones and gadgets of the sort in the transport sector. This, in turn, will diminish the role of taxi or bus drivers, cashiers, and clerks, simultaneously providing value to new and advanced roles like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialists.

How the Education Sector be Affected?

It is obvious that for any economy to prosper, education plays a key role to achieve it. With the increasing connectivity and globalization, it enhances competitiveness allowing everyone equal opportunities. Education helps in shaping the future of all the other sectors in a way, making it very important.

What roles will disappear?

Increasing roles in the education sector would include AI coders for teaching and learning, curated knowledge specialists, and blended learning designers. At the same time, jobs that involve accounting, bookkeeping, clerks, proofreaders, and basically anything mediocre will soon be extinct.

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