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Top 5 Most Useful BlackBerry Apps (Free)

So we find all the different App Stores and App Worlds with over hundreds of thousands of Apps, BUT, which Apps are really useful? That we will actually use on a daily basis? Today I have decided to compile a selection of useful everyday apps, that are available for most of the Smartphones out there, although we focusing on BlackBerry in this post. This selection is going to Exclude social networking apps.


1.Google Maps

Yes, many mobile manufacturers include their own mapping apps and navigation apps in their software such as Nokia with their OVI Maps, Blackberry, and also Apple, but let’s face it, when it comes to ease of access, user friendliness and all-round simplicity, Google Maps takes it home.

They have included many amazing and fascinating features such as Indoor Maps, 3D Maps and also a cool Street View! They have also incorporated over 500 000km’s of cycling route which makes this App a must if you are a cyclist! Another great feature of Google Maps is, if your phone does not have full GPS capabilities, Google Maps can provide full Turn-By-Turn directions to a destination of your choice!



We all know the site Accuweather.com, the most used site for weather updates and forecasts around the world. One of the most useful things for a person that doesn’t regularly watch Television (either because of a busy lifestyle, or just been stuck at the office working those extra hours to finish up their work) is to know the daily weather forecast. What better way to keep updated than by your mobile phone?

Some of the great features are a simple, easy to use user interface which is also very easy to understand. Accuweather gives you a Day-By-Day forecast up to 15 days. The overall view of the day to day forecast includes Minimum and Maximum Temperatures, Date and Day and also a description of the forecast. A more detailed look includes the RealFeel, wind speeds, wind gusts and also Accuweather’s WeatherAlarms, that alerts you if there is snow, ice, rain, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms.


3.BOLT Browser / Opera Mini


Well between you and I m sure you find the Built-in browser for BlackBerry isn’t all that good. So here we find these two, completely different browsers, yet both do an amazing job, making your browsing experience much better for your BlackBerry device. One (BOLT) browser, designed to concentrate not only on speed, but simplicity, and ease of access which includes pre-loaded Bookmarks of a variety of Sites and a Home Tab that you may customize to suit your daily browsing.

Opera Mini has focussed solely on speed, also including similar features as BOLT, Opera has a feature which compresses all Pages before loading, and reformats for a better viewing experience on your mobile device, this allows for seemingly fast browsing, at a low Data Rate. If you are a daily Browser, these are a must!



PicMix allows you to do basic, yet awesome Picture Editing on your BlackBerry Device. The App is easy to use, and lots of fun once you get the hang of making amazing pictures! With PicMix you can combine your favourite photos into custom frames, adjust the photos, add text captions, and also change its overall look with a variety of cool preloaded effects!


5.I-Nigma Barcode Scanner

With the development of technology, there’s one thing I’m sure each and every one of you have seen, and it looks something like this….

Well that’s what everyone is getting in to, be it a News Paper, Competitions, different brands and stores etc. Just about everyone are using these Barcodes that can be scanned from your SmartPhone, which will then send you to a certain web page that will have more information on eg. A certain product, service, competition etc.

This is where our Number 5 App comes in, I-Nigma by 3GVision. I-Nigma is the best QR Code reader, and scans Datamatrix and EAN codes as well!  I-Nigma turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader. Thanks to exceptionally quick and robust scanning, it is regularly ranked as top performer in this category.


I hope this small compilation helps you when Downloading your next lot of Apps!:) 

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