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WeThinkCode_ Leads with Top Placement Rates and Diversity in Tech

WeThinkCode_, a software development academy, is making significant strides in fostering youth development through its comprehensive software development programme. Recent proprietary data highlights the academy’s remarkable achievements in graduate placement rates and its unwavering commitment to inclusivity, addressing the country’s critical needs for youth empowerment and skill development.

WeThinkCode_ continues to play a pivotal role in equipping South Africa’s youth with the necessary skills to thrive in the technology sector. The academy’s 2016 cohort saw 106 students enrol for their 24-month programme; by 2018, 93 of these students had graduated, translating to an impressive graduation rate of 84%, with a 100% placement rate securing employment for these graduates in the tech industry. This trend continued with the 2017 cohort, where 119 out of 144 students graduated by 2019, achieving an 83% graduation rate and a 93% placement rate of graduates entering the workforce.

The academy’s graduate employment placement success underscores the urgent need for structured youth employability programmes in South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa, the unemployment rate among the youth (ages 15-34) was alarmingly high at 45.5% in the first quarter of 2024. There needs to be strong, proven interventions to provide training and ensure high placement rates. WeThinkCode_ is not just offering education but also creating tangible pathways for economic enablement and stability for young South Africans.

“Since our inception, WeThinkCode_ has seen a significant increase in student enrolment, from 106 in 2016 to 443 in 2023. We are targeting 500 students for the 2024 cohort,” says Kelebogile Motlhamme, Operations Director at WeThinkCode_. “The average age of enrolled students has remained around 24-25 years old, highlighting the academy’s appeal to young adults at the cusp of their careers. This growth reflects WeThinkCode_’s commitment to making tech education accessible to a broader and more diverse population.”

“We are immensely proud of our graduates’ achievements and the strong placement rates that showcase our commitment to nurturing tech talent ready for the industry. Our enrollment growth and dedication to diversity further underscores our mission to provide top-tier tech education accessible to all,” said Motlhamme.

The placement of graduates and their achievements in the workplace are made possible through a strong ecosystem of partners. The collaboration and commitment of partners such as BBD, FNB, BCX, IQ Business, Momentum, Vodacom, Yoco, StructureIT, and GK Software are instrumental in ensuring students are workforce-ready and connected to employment opportunities upon graduation.

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