What are Angle Brackets and Why are They Used in Building Projects


Angle brackets, sometimes referred to as corner braces, are used to strengthen corner joints or connect two items that meet at a right angle. They are commonly used in woodworking, and they generally fall into two categories: internal and external angle brackets. 

Internal Angle Brackets

Internal angle brackets are designed to protect a corner joint from crumbling under immense pressure owing to heavy loads or extreme compression. They are L-shaped, and a majority are made of them are made of metal. But you can find some made of plastic or wood.  

They are mainly used to strengthen corner joints of wooden frame structures, chairs, and tables. 

External Angle Brackets

External angle brackets are often used for aesthetic reasons. They are mainly used to cover a corner, and they often feature engravings or embellishments. 

External angle brackets almost resemble internal brackets structurally. The only difference is that they are designed with visual appeal. They are great when you want to add a wow factor to doors, gates, tables, and other structures or furniture. 

Advantages of Using Angle Brackets

Better support

Angle brackets offer better support than screws in angled areas. If you are to use screws, they will not provide adequate support, which can lead to problems. Most angle brackets are designed to provide ample support in areas that are at an angle of 90 degrees. They provide the appropriate strength to keep these areas secure. 


Angle brackets have many applications. They provide support for doors and ceilings. They as serve a frame or brace for structural elements. They are also used as decorative elements on doors, furniture, and other structures. 

Easy to use

When dealing with angled areas such as an angled ceiling, it is easier to use an angle bracket as opposed to screws. They are easy to install. You don’t need to use many on one angled area as you would if you use screws. You also don’t need many tools for installation or any kind of expertise. 

Requires minimal maintenance

Most if not all angle brackets are coated to guard them against rusting and corrosion. You can even paint on them, and that will not affect their durability. They are designed to last long, which is why they are better than screws in some situations.  

Available in multiple styles and sizes

With angle brackets, you are not limited to a certain style or size. Decorative angle brackets particularly come in varying designs to match your decor. 


It is easy to recycle or reuse angle brackets. They are sustainable and environmentally-friendly as you can re-melt them into other steel products. This eliminates waste and reduces the need to mine new materials.  


Angle brackets offer numerous benefits, and they are easily available. They are widely used in the construction industry, woodworking, and furniture making. 

They provide adequate structural support, and they are also used as decorative elements on furniture and structures. They are also fairly affordable.

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