WhatsApp Rolls Out New Features for iPhone, Adds supports iPhone XS Max


In the latest update for iPhone (2.18.100), WhatsApp has introduced support for the iPhone XS Max, a new way to play audio messages, and a redesigned UI for message shortcuts. The update has a file size of about 92MB however that may vary across devices. The highlight of this WhatsApp update is support for the large 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS Max. This is Apple’s first smartphone with display dimensions this large, and iPhone XS Max users have had to, till now, make do with a scaled down interface for the Facebook-owned messaging app.

As per the changelog posted on Apple’s App Store, version 2.18.100 of WhatsApp brings the ability to automatically play consecutive voice messages in a sequence, so you don’t have to press play for each instance. Apart from that, this update also brings a new layout for when you long press a message to reveal options such as reply, forward, delete, copy, and star. 

Support for the larger 6.5-inch display of the iPhone XS Max will allow WhatsApp to take advantage of the large display and take up the entire screen space allowing users to read more messages and view more media.

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