Why A Top Loader Washing Machine Is A Great Choice For Your Home


At the beginning of 2019, DEFY South Africa opened a new production plant in Jacobs, Durban with a specific focus on the manufacture of Top Loader washing machines. To date, DEFY has invested R121 million in the localisation of Top Loader production, creating a total of 75 new jobs in order to manufacture an estimated 500 top loaders per shift.

Top Loader washing machines are a South African staple, as they are reliable, affordable, ergonomically-friendly and offer shorter wash times than Front Loader washing machines. Here are some features that DEFY’s range of Top Loaders boasts to make your life better…

  • Aquawave Technology

The full interior design of the washing machine replicates the gentle yet effective power of waves in order to create a thin film between the drum and laundry, helping to wash the garments more gently. 

  • Eco-Green

Sustainability is a large pillar of DEFY’s commitment to their consumers, no naturally this washing machine has a feature called Eco-Green, which enables you to save up to 35% of water and 30% of the time per wash load.

  • Dual-Power Rain Technology

Top Loaders come standard with two levels of water flow, which enables a more thorough dampening of clothes while distributing the detergent in a more efficient way.

  • Power Dry

As time is of the essence, DEFY has incorporated a Power Dry feature in its Top Loaders to increase spinning efficiency up to 17% within its 30-minute air-drying cycle.

  • Prosmart Inverter Motor

DEFY washing machines with a ProSmart Inverter motor are quieter and more durable than the average machine. As these machines are compiled with smarter and simpler components, there are fewer parts to vibrate, resulting in a quieter system with longer lifespan and improved energy consumption.

  • Balance Indicator

It is essential that your Top Loader is evenly balanced in order to clean most efficiently, so DEFY has included a feature that indicates when the washing machine’s feet aren’t perfectly adjusted, and how to correct them.

There you have it. If you’re looking for a washing machine that is durable, efficient and reliable, a DEFY Top Loader comes highly recommended.

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