Why Does WordPress Win When it Comes to Small Business Websites?


Nowadays, everybody has a website. Business owners around the world are waking up to the fact that online visibility is a make or break factor influencing commercial success. With business around the globe getting to grips with the era of online search marketing, around 97% of business owners now agree that online reputation management is the single most important thing to them.

Source: wpexplorer.com

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a cost-effective, user-friendly and well-designed open-source application for hosting and maintaining a website. These days, WordPress powers an astonishing 30% of the known web, a rise which has gone hand-in-hand with the migration of small business into the online sphere. And WordPress isn’t only for online novices either, powering retail giants like eBay and publishing mammoths like TechCrunch.

Low entry levels

When it comes to starting your own WordPress, you can get a basic site online in a matter of hours. You don’t need any coding expertise or even extensive computing knowledge to design a functional website with everything in the right place. With WordPress’s template system, you just select a design and go. There’s a highly intuitive dashboard system which will allow you to manage your content, laying out your pages, formatting your copy and placing your images.

Even better, WordPress itself is open-source software which is free for web designers at the point of use. You’re free to modify, download and distribute it without any added costs. You simply have to invest in a domain and hosting service and you’re good to go. With managed WordPress hosting services like Onyx.io, you can create a seriously scalable business website capable of coping with flexible user demand.

Customization suite

The world of WordPress plugins is another reason it works so well for small businesses. If you’re looking to change something on your website, someone’s probably invented a plugin that can do it. Whether it’s browser caching, on-page SEO edits, or firewall systems, there’s a plugin for it.

The other major customization feature that sets WordPress apart is its world-class selection of Themes. WordPress Themes offer an array of ready layout options to suit different website needs, whether you’re putting together an ecommerce website or a blog.


Security is one of the most important aspects of any website, especially if you’re planning on transacting ecommerce. WordPress is as safe as houses when it comes to protecting your online transactions, having recently acquired one of the most trusted names in online shopping, WooCommerce. There’s a world of plugins out there that can help you secure your site against external threats, as well as obtaining a basic SSL certificate to protect user information.


The popularity of WordPress means you’re never alone. There are people out there facing similar challenges to you and talking about them on social media and dedicated forums. Whatever’s going on with your website, chances are you can find helpful information to upgrade, enhance, or repair key features of your site without consulting an expert.

So now you’re convinced that WordPress is the best option for you, all that remains is to get to work: download it today and make your own website.

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