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Wired for sound with Bose boutique stores within stores

DionWired has just staged an audio shopping revolution in South Africa with the inclusion of a trendy Bose boutique store within their outlets at Greenstone and Woodmead in Johannesburg.

DionWired Bose Store

Created in line with the Bose store-within-a-store design used across the world, this is the first of many trendy in-store Bose boutiques and will offer discerning customers a complete sound solution including demonstrations to installations to after sales service. Bose is recognized as a global leader in quality home cinema and personal audio systems.

Sound Imports, the authorised Bose distributor for the past 35 years, explored opportunities to reach the customer effectively and has been responsible for getting Bose products to the discerning audience in the South African market through the right placement of products in the significant audio and consumer electronics retail environment. Now this is being strengthened with a solid partnership with DionWired, Sound Imports is able to take the Bose experience closer to their customers.

Andrew Jackson, Director of DionWired, said the decision to include a Bose boutique store within DionWired outlets was a “win-win” for both DionWired and Sound imports. DionWired, through its focus on “innovating, educating and inspiring’ consumers” and offering premium merchandise and the best product solutions, had become synonymous with a “blue carpet” retail experience. The addition of a Bose boutique outlet would further enhance this.

Bose would reach a whole new market in South Africa, he explained. Bose has established itself as a leading audio brand worldwide.

Jackson said that Sound Imports, as the Bose distributor, naturally aligned with the DionWired brand. “DionWired recognises Bose as a truly aspirational brand. With a store-within-a-store concept, customers get to experience Bose products and exclusive service by a Bose audio Specialist who will demonstrate what is possible. This is a whole new way of experiencing audio. DionWired went with Bose as Bose understands today’s modern and contemporary customers’ requirements for personal audio products and audio streaming, and the desire for well-designed and discreet sized products with exceptional performance.

He acknowledged that the tie up with Sound Imports and Bose is one of the biggest milestones both in DionWired’s history and in the audio industry in South Africa. As a leading national specialist electronics chain, DionWired will be “consumerising” what has, up until now, been viewed as a high end specialist brand that has been reserved exclusively for Independent smaller retailers.

Based at their prime positions in Gauteng, DionWired’s Greenstone and Woodmead outlets will be the first to launch the Bose store-within-a-store concept. However, over the next six months, this will be rolled out to stores in Pretoria, KZN (Umhlanga) and Cape Town stores and other Johannesburg stores, as well as new stores that will be opening such as Cavendish and Cradlestone in November 2013.

For further information, or to get shopping, log on to www.dionwired.co.za.

About Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is primarily known for its research in acoustics, which has produced inventions that have improved the performance of:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of each car model (first introduced by Bose)
  • Noise reducing headsets for pilots and the public (first introduced by Bose)
  • Sound in public spaces
  • A new approach for the production of sound for musicians requiring electronic amplification of their instruments
  • Materials testing and durability simulation instruments for biomedical applications

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