The #Euro2016 tournament as it happened online


With the Euro 2016 tournament finally coming to an end, the tournament definitely had a bit of everything for all to enjoy – great football, tears of sadness and joy, unwelcome scenes of fan violence, underdogs prevailing etc. The spectacle was by far one of the best soccer events we’ve seen in a while. 

What’s fascinating to see is the drama and banter that goes on, more so off the pitch (online) during such spectacles, thanks social media. The relationship between soccer and social media (Twitter) is unmistakable and very hard to miss. Throughout the entire Euro 2016 spectacle this was evident.

The final between Portugal and hosts, France didn’t disappoint either with social media being abuzz before, during and after the match. This post here illustrates this perfectly, below are some of our favorite picks. Here’s how social media reacted to events that took place at the Stade de France:


As you can imagine, there’s plenty more of where that came from, see the rest, including the above, here and for added interest, if you would like to find out who was most influential throughout, click here. Using the track only reports we tracked the conversation around the UEFA Euro 2016. From the fans, teams to the actual sponsors, the tool tracked all the activity around the tournament.



* The report was put together using Webfluential’s technology that not only tracks online conversation around handles, hashtags and popular phrases, but is also able to show you the most influential individuals in the conversation. These Track Only Reports, currently free to use by all during the Beta Phase of launch, give insight into who sent out the most tweets and who reached the biggest audience – amongst other things.

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