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New Media to Experiment with in 2020

Whether you’re an individual looking to share ideas and thoughts, or a business hoping to interest more consumers in your products and services, new media offers a fantastic way to promote yourself in 2020.

With traditional promotional media — like newspapers, magazines and television — all becoming less popular, it’s time for the new media of the digital age to command center stage. In this article, you’ll learn about three new media options that may help you or your business grow and engage with more consumers across the boundless space of the internet in 2020.


Barely ten years ago, podcasting was still seen as an incredibly niche area of media production and consumption. Developed from radio, this on-demand audio medium has developed at an incredible rate in the past decade, soon surpassing radio as the most listened to informational or entertainment medium in the modern world.

This is exciting news for your business, or your professional profile, as it’s comparatively easy to create a superior podcast, especially if you use a professional podcast production company to help you get the high-quality audio and editing that you’re looking to impress consumers with. Get your script ready, prepare your hosts, and make a podcast that will inspire and excite people across the internet who are interested in the subject matter you’re likely to cover.


Another discipline that has been evolving fast in the modern era of digital design online has been animation. Once the preserve of studios with huge budgets and ample time on their hands, animation has been democratized in recent years by the use of services such as Adobe’s suite of production programs — all of which are designed to help the layman produce high-quality animations.

When you animate, you’ll not only be producing the next Pixar film. You’ll be using your animations as a way to illustrate the points that you make in a voice recording which, like a podcast, will inform your viewers and listeners about yourself, your ideas, or your company. Animating has proven to be incredibly successful in engagement, and in a video-dominated online media environment, it’s a great fit for promotion in 2020.

Social Media

Social media may have been around for decades now, but it’s changing. From Myspace through to Facebook, there is always evolution taking place in this new media environment, and it’s therefore the responsibility of yourself or your business to take advantage of changes in this environment to better communicate to customers or fans.

Nowadays, you may be more interested in promoting yourself on one of the dominant and ‘happening’ social media spaces like Instagram, Snapchat or the rising TikTok. These platforms are used by younger audiences who you may wish to specifically target with your output.

Remember, too, that if you’re self-employed, becoming a social media influencer can help you build an audience rapidly over time. This can bring in opportunities and cash for you or your business.

Use these three new media options to broaden your audience, engage more people in your worldview, or to promote your company in the modern world of digital content and targeted advertising.

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