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Saturday, December 2, 2023

SABC 3 Cricket Broadcasting – Disappointed!

As a child, I really used to look forward to cricket being held in this country. I’d always have SABC 3 switched on to see my favourite cricket team on this planet, PROTEAS! When I was in Primary School, I used to play sick so I wouldn’t go school that day just to watch the Test Matches on TV. At high school, as soon as school was over, I used to rush home so I can watch the remainder of the cricket for the day.

Wicket to Wicket SABC3 magazine show

The recent Test Matches against New Zealand weren’t broadcasted on SABC – Only highlights were shown and will continue to do so for the Pakistan Matches! Why!? Our team is playing in our home, why can’t we support our own team and show them our support? Seriously Now?? This is absolute nonsense! Why can’t it be like the good old days where Cricket was actually treated and promoted just as much as soccer?

The African Cup Of Nations (AFCON) games are advertised so much and broadcasted… Why? So the rest of Africa can see what an amazing country this is? Yeah, so amazing that our national cricket team playing at home with an awesome milestone reached by our amazing Captain is NOT BROADCASTED FOR ITS OWN COUNTRY TO SEE!!

If the One-Day Internationals can be broadcasted, Why aren’t the Test Matches treated with same priority? It’s against the same opposition with just as much importance!

I don’t see the logic behind this decision! At the end of the day, it’s our national team! Kids look up to these guys as role models and try emulate their success. Cricket isn’t just about who wins or who’s the opposition we face – It should be given the same treatment as Soccer in this country. They’re both SPORT which also benefits the mind and health.

Imagine the die-hard Cricket fans in South Africa? What about their disappointment? They want to watch their heroes LIVE IN ACTION! Not something that has already happened hours earlier!! They want to be part of the action and excitement because that’s all part of the game.

I, personally love my Cricket and love watching the Proteas in the Test Matches. But thanks to NO LIVE BROADCASTING ON SABC TV anymore. I’m left absolutely disappointed and disgusted just like the rest of the country whom looks forward to watching Cricket on SABC 3.

Absolutely Disappointed!!!

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  1. it all came in as a suprice to me ,even nw i stl dnt hv an answer officially 4rm sabc 3 to tell its cricket fans wat happend 2test matches 2b broadcast its nt fair let t b sumthng that is taken seriously

  2. I have always been a avid cricket supporter. I have always looked forward to watching our countryman do battle in all formats of the game. I just can’t express enough, the disappointment I feel that the test matches won’t be aired. Always have a looked forward to watching our boys play on our home soil, but now it seems that now south Africa is ranked no1 in the world, they making it harder for us to see them. I can’t help but feel this is part of a whole money making business, where there are people that use what u love and exploit it to there benefit.

    • I agree with what you’re saying Trevino – That makes complete sense! And I don’t know understand how brief highlights are going to help the situation? We want to cheer and celebrate LIVE action, not something that has happened hours ago! At least we have Radio 2000 … Doesn’t replace the enjoyment of watching it on TV, but its better than nothing I guess

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