8 tips to assist you in negotiating a great deal on a used car


If you are in the market to purchase a used car – one of your biggest concerns is probably how you go about negotiating a great deal and how to cut out all unnecessary trivial charges to ensure the best value for money purchase. Imperial Auto have these great tips…

Research First

Getting a good deal on a used car can be done by conducting thorough research online, checking out cars and test-driving them, and comparing prices.  A great starting point is the Imperial Auto website! By researching specific vehicles that have the features and mileage you’re looking for, you introduce competition to the car-buying process. A seller might not match the lowest price you find, but it cannot hurt to ask.

Check It Out

Once you have determined what you want to buy, and what they sell for, it is time to check out the car, take it for a test drive and make sure everything the seller says about it, is true.

Private seller or Dealers

Sure, dealers put on a mark-up, but that dealer’s mark-up can come with substantial advantages. First off, it’s easier to shop a range of new and used cars from a dealership than schlepping all over town to cross-shop individual sellers. Private parties may be less expensive but come with greater risk, while dealers’ may be more reliable and offer history checks on the car. Dealers usually also offer some sort of warranty.

Before you even get to the negotiating stage….

Be aware that the choice you have made can very often be an emotional decision. According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman; Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviours, and also, decision making in general [1]   

The fact that one particular car appeals to you more – may be for any number of reasons. But, step back and check what alternatives there are to the car you have set your sights on.

Know your numbers

If you have a good idea of what you should pay for a car, you will have more bargaining power. If for example the dealer says an SUV is R318 000 but your research found the current price is R300 000 – you can confidently negotiate a better deal. Research the key numbers and that knowledge will guide you through the negotiation and depersonalise the interaction since you’re relying on data rather than opinion or emotion to establish the sales price.

Organise finance in advance, if possible

As all good dealers are aware, Cash Is King… So, if you are planning to finance your new-used car, it can be advantageous to have pre-organised finance in principle, so you can close your side of the deal with the sure knowledge that you can come up with the cash.

Only take the essentials

You will very likely be offered a variety of add-ons – these could be anything from paint protection, additional security systems to additional insurances and warranties. Be sure to think about these offers before adding them on to your deal. All of these will affect your repayment amount, and although nice to have – not all of them are essential.

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