At this year’s CES, Acer released the World’s Thinnest Laptop! The Swift 7, which is set to be the direct rival of the Dell XPS13, is proof of Acer’s  customer centric approach to the market. An upgrade on the Swift 7 Ultrabook, the new Swift 7 is extremely lightweight at a mere 1.65kg. It measures only 8.98mm. That’s right, less than a centimetre in an all-aluminium chassis!
The device features a fingerprint reader. What’s more, the 14 inch full HD IPS 1080p touchscreen monitor can be flipped 360 degrees, turning it into a tablet that can be used on the go. The Corning Gorilla Glass is necessary, especially with such a slim design. The display is quite impressive, remaining bright and unaffected by ambient light.
The keypad on the Swift 7 is quite responsive, although the space bar could be a little closer, for ease of typing. If you enjoyed buttons on previous laptops, the Swift 7 could take some getting used to, as the touchpad is completely flat.
Interestingly, there are no Thunderbolt ports, only two USB Type C ports.
The Acer Swift 7 comes with Windows 10, and with an Intel Seventh Generation Core i7 Y series processor in such a tiny package, this is definitely something to behold!
This PC comes with always-on 4G LTE connectivity, and many of it’s features are online based, so you would definitely need a network connection for optimal usage of this laptop .
Multitasking is no problem for the Swift 7. This can be attributed to the 256 GB of storage available, in addition to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, and the 256GB PCIe SSD.
This is Acer’s first laptop with an embedded eSIM. It is also one of the first systems to use Intel’s integrated XMM LTE with eSIM. With the onboard nanoSIM card slot, you can connect to mobile networks in the interim, while carriers develop support for over-the-air data plans. Unlike with smart phones, the nanoSIM card does not sit on a pull-out tray. Rather, it sits in a socket.
According to Acer, the Swift 7 boasts a battery that should last upto ten hours, which serves as an improvement on the previous model, which had a battery life of only 7 and a half hours.
Who would enjoy the Acer Swift 7 ?
People that are looking for portable convenience and stylish technology!
Written By Raj