Alcatel Introduces University Brand Ambassadors for 2016

Ty Booysen

Alcatel’s University Brand Ambassadors are students who are passionate about the Alcatel brand. Acting as Alcatel’s voice and ears on campus, they share their experiences with Alcatel’s products and brand with other young people.

Ty Booysen
Ty Booysen

It’s a terrific opportunity for them to develop interpersonal and business skills that will help them in their careers. It’s also a way for Alcatel to interact with the youth market on its own terms – with the brand ambassadors leading the conversation at the many great events Alcatel sponsors at campuses around the country.

Nothando Ntshayintshayi
Nothando Ntshayintshayi
    Alcatel’s University Brand Ambassadors for 2016 are as follows:

University of Johannesburg

Known as Nthabee or NthabeeSlays on social networks, Nthabiseng Kgafela is completing a degree in strategic communication. Nthabiseng is passionate about marketing and branding, extreme sports, music, books, and fitness. She used to be a child model and TV ad actor, and has entrepreneurial ambitions. Like Alcatel, she thinks big – her goal is to make her first million by the age of 25.

Zak Mnguni is an aspiring academic currently studying marketing and communications. Zak is a football fanatic – and an ardent Manchester United supporter. He’s a smart conversationalist, opinionated and involved in what affects the youth. What makes him fit the Alcatel brand so well is his passion for service delivery.

University of Witwatersrand

23-year old Lucky Oceans Yeko is an outgoing fashionista who loves food and music. In addition to studying for his LLB degree, he is a seasoned DJ who has appeared alongside names like DJ Fresh, Lulo Café, Mo Flava, Speedsta and L-tido at campus events. His mission? Making sure that “Alcatel will be everywhere”.

Kebitseng Seape studies law and politics, and she’s also an enthusiastic makeup artist. As a natural born leader, she is involved in university outreach programmes, was elected as an executive in an international volunteer student organisation, and is a house commander in her res. She shares Alcatel’s values – its focus on doing the best for its customers really resonates with her.

University of Cape Town

Hilary Chipunza takes inspiration from his namesake – Sir Hillary Edmund, the man who famously summited Mount Everest – as he strives for excellence. The name Hilary is a Latin derivative of Hilarius, meaning cheerful, which fits Hilary’s exuberant personality. He loves to make people smile in lectures, at parties, meetings, or anywhere else. Join him for a “hilarious” Alcatel adventure.

The multitalented Mametse Nchabeleng is studying a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Media and Writing as well as Public Policy and Administration. Amongst many things, Mametse is an aspiring actress and presenter with an interest in entrepreneurship, fashion, marketing, media, people and politics.

University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Ty Booysen describes himself as “a child flooded with inspiration, a boy overwhelmed with aspiration, and a man starving for success”. He’s always looking for ways to expand beyond his comfort zone and constantly strives for success. Those are qualities that he shares with Alcatel, making him a great representative for the brand.

Nothando Ntshayintshayi is finishing her final year of studies in the Environmental Sciences field. She’s deeply interested in social responsibility, personal development, gender equality and feminism, rural development and entrepreneurship. She’s started up businesses, but also finds time to be involved in NPOs and the community. As she says, she’s never one-dimensional and likes having a finger in many pies.

Tshwane University of Technology

20-year old Linda Eheli is a self-assured, determined, and spontaneous Business Administration student. Originally from Bloemfontein, she has a passion for learning and an entrepreneurial desire that goes back to her vacation jobs as a teenager. Her motto: “Aspire to inspire before you expire”.

Neo Moraope, aka “Stifler”, has youthful looks and an inquisitive nature. This go-getter from Rustenburg is completing his third year in Human Resources Management, after having recently received a certificate in payroll administration. Captain of the first hockey team for TUT, he’s a gym fanatic and an Alcatel fan.

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