In an all-digital campaign for its new smartphone GO PLAY, ALCATEL ONETOUCH puts millennials in the crosshairs. The key message: “Whatever life throws at you, your GO PLAY can take it.”

In a lighthearted series of videos featuring four characters, the mobile brand gets the message across that GO PLAY is dust-shock-waterproof by jettisoning improbable objects and liquids at its four unlucky protagonists.

The “In Your Face” campaign of mini videos, photos and related posts will be featured on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The debut of the GO PLAY videos also marks the launch of ALCATEL ONETOUCH’s official Instagram page.

“For the launch of GO PLAY, we wanted to portray how durable it is, in a fun way,” said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer of ALCATEL ONETOUCH. “We re-created an endurance test where products have been replaced by four real people who represent a segment of our target audience. We took each of them through different tests related to their personality and linked them to GO PLAY’s key selling points — that is shock, dust and waterproof.”

Lights, Camera, Splosh!

In the series, each of the four characters is featured being pelted by a varied medley of projectiles, such as glitter, soda, and a giant teddy bear. Viewers can also catch the real-life reactions of the actors in the hilarious “Making of” scenes.

In posts, users are exhorted to “plunge it, drop it or bury it in the sand. #GOPLAY is 100% fun-proof. Take it to the limit!” In other words, the concept behind the “In Your Face” campaign is to have fun above everything else, without caring about the consequences. No worries: Your phone can handle it.

Great Features to Go With the Rugged Exterior

GO PLAY is not only shock, dust and waterproof but it also comes with the features that millennial users demand. Share and record what’s playing on-screen with added voice-over. The smartphone boasts a super long battery life (20 days of standby time, 8.5 hours of talk time and 40 hours of music playback). It comes in eight cool colors with splashproof headsets to match.