BBM for Android coming first to Samsung Galaxy devices in Africa


Samsung Africa spilled the beans, revealing that the new BlackBerry Messenger app will become part of the Samsung Messenger Hub.


According to Samsung Electronics Africa VP and COO George Ferreira, the decision to start offering BBM for Galaxy device users in Africa came about because of Samsung’s commitment to “collaboration, innovation and driving consumer experience.” So soon, BBM will become part of the Samsung Messenger Hub, giving users yet another option for connecting with others and facilitating primarily text-based messaging.

If you want to know exactly how Samsung plans to let users in on that sweet old BBM goodness, you need only to watch out for the official release of BBM for Android-powered Samsung Galaxy devices through both the official Google Play Store and Samsung’s very own app store. It will be available as a free download for all, and will surely be released for users in other regions (though at a still unconfirmed date) at a later time. The app will include BBM chats and Groups of up to 30 people.

BlackBerry is yet to confirm when the chat app will be available to other devices and other parts of the world. The UK is one of the places where BlackBerry and BBM have traditionally had a large following — business users loving the security and business features, teenagers loving the free messaging in BBM — but that following has dwindled in recent years with the arrival of the sexier iPhone and affordable Android phones.

The BBM Android app is currently being tested by BlackBerry employees and their friends and family, with the iPhone app still under wraps at BBHQ.

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