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FNB & WesBank Reveal Top 10 Vehicles Sold via nav» Marketplace and The Average Prices

Every facet of our lives has been touched by the power of technology, and car buying and selling is no exception. Digital marketplaces are transforming the way buyers and sellers interact over the sale of vehicles. The popularity of innovative solutions such as nav» Marketplace powered by WesBank digital dealerships, with over 1 million searches, is testament to the shift. Over 5,000 active vehicles from WesBank-approved dealers and private sellers are now listed on the nav» Marketplace available on the FNB, RMB Private Bank and WesBank Apps.

Jolandé Duvenage, nav» Chief Imagineer (CEO) describes the marketplace as “a bustling digital space where cars of all makes and models are easily accessible with just a few taps on your smart device. We connect sellers with bank-verified buyers to find the vehicle deal they are looking for. What truly sets the nav» Marketplace apart is not just its convenience but also its ability to facilitate a safe and transparent transaction for all parties involved. Every vehicle listed undergoes police clearance, eliminating doubts about the vehicle’s history. Moreover, the seller’s identity is verified, establishing a level of trust.”

While the nav» Marketplace is a treasure trove for vehicle enthusiasts, there are certain vehicles that consumers generally prefer. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 vehicles sold, arranged from the lowest to the highest average listing price. Models range from 1990 to 2023.




R161 000


R231 000


R238 000


R290 000


R334 000


R360 000


R390 000


R423 000


R450 000


R500 000

“It’s always important for consumers to understand that listing prices often differ from the final sale price. However, our platform has advice tools to help you along on your journey, such as our Car Coach with podcasts, tips, and quizzes to aid with learning for the buyer, access to an instant value estimate to ensure you are not selling your existing vehicle for too little, and an installment calculator that helps you narrow down your search options based on your budget. Plus, some customers are pre-selected for vehicle finance, and their offers are displayed on either the FNB, RMB Private Bank, or WesBank App as part of nav» Marketplace to help ensure they can shop for a new vehicle with confidence. With its dedication to safety, ease-of-access, and convenience, nav» Marketplace has ushered in a new age for vehicle buying and selling,” says Duvenage.

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