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iPhone 7: When To Expect & What To Expect

It seems like the Apple iPhone 7 countdown has officially begun! With the rumour mill being very busy over this specific topic, it seems like that the most anticipated smartphone of the year will arrive here in South Africa in just 3 months time if they go along with their September traditional release…


From what we managed to gather, it’s pretty clear that the iPhone 7 is not expected to have major design changes. However, there are some significant changes that are worth a mention:

In terms of variants, Apple is reportedly stepping it up to launch three variants namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 7 Pro/Plus Premium while doing away with the 16GB base storage variant, and replacing it with a 32GB option especially with the rise of the app culture, alongside 4K recording capabilities, this shift to a 32GB base model makes sense in more ways than one. The 32GB storage variant may be the lowest variant on the Apple iPhone 7 but there is also reports suggesting that the top model will be bumped up to 256GB.

Whether the Smart Connector will come with the iPhone 7 or not is still very unclear as reports right now differ and we can’t really tell how this will pan out in the end or perhaps just the top end variant will feature this? Who knows… The Smart Connector first introduced with the iPad Pro for connecting the Smart Keyboard Cover and other accessories like charging docks. The 3.5mm headphone jack might not just make the cut for the next iPhone as Apple looks to go slimmer than its predecessors while also looking to offer better quality audio experience to users via the Lightning port.

Will we also see Apple feature Dual Sim for the first time ever? Won’t be a surprise at all!

While the iPhone 7 will stick to a single camera lens, the dual camera setup is expected to be embedded in the larger iPhone 7 Plus. This will be the first time Apple dabbles in the dual camera feature, and it will be interesting to see how the dual camera setup changes the quality of the pictures produced, from better low-light performance to improved colour accuracy and faster autofocus.
A Deep Blue colour variant in the mix as well while discontinuing the popular Space Grey colour variant? Sounds abit too dramatic right now!
To accommodate the dual camera setup, the iPhone 7 Plus will increase its RAM size to 3GB. The iPhone 7 is expected to be 1mm slimmer than its predecessor. This can happen only if Apple ditches the 3.5mm audio jack. Currently, the iPhone 6s is 7.1mm thin. The iPhone 7’s metal build, height, width, and design profile will stay the same.

All in all, rumours around the iPhone 7 will continue to surface the net and more information on the smartphone will be revealed in the coming months. However, it is recommended to take all these leaks lightly, until the official iPhone 7 launch in September – still widely held to be the launch month for this year’s iPhone models.

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