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Khutso Theledi Steps Into The Driver’s Seat As She Unpacks Her Obsession With Cars And Hosting The Cars.co.za 2023/24 Consumer Awards

Khutso Theledi is not just a familiar voice on the airwaves but also a recognized petrol head, whose passion for cars runs deep into the veins of her vibrant personality. This passion for cars has positioned her as one of the esteemed hosts of the Cars.co.za 2023/24 Consumer Awards. Alongside the comedic genius of Nik Rabinowitz, Khutso brings a dynamic blend of knowledge and entertainment to the event, celebrating the best in the automotive industry. Her ability to connect with fellow car enthusiasts and her insightful commentary on the latest trends and innovations in the automotive world make her an integral part of this prestigious awards ceremony, further solidifying her status as a leading figure in South Africa’s car culture.

Ahead of the awards later this week, we chat to Khutso about her passion for cars and life right now.
How excited are you to be hosting the Cars.co.za 2023/24 Consumer Awards?

I am incredibly excited to be hosting The Cars.co.za Consumer Awards, sponsored by Absa. This event is South Africa’s most comprehensive and authoritative motoring awards programme, and I feel honoured to be co-hosting its seventh iteration alongside Nik Rabinowitz. What makes it even more thrilling is that this will be our first time working together. I’m especially excited about the perspective of a man and a woman side by side hosting these awards, bringing a dynamic and inclusive approach to the event. I can’t wait for the day when the #CarsAwards annually recognizes the best purchasing propositions in 13 segments of the new-vehicle market, as well as the Brand of the Year. I’m crossing my fingers that the car brand I love with all my heart will be taking the biggest title of the year.

How do you prepare for a gig like this?
Preparing to host the biggest cars awards show in the country requires a blend of industry knowledge, and personal flair. Firstly, I ensure I’m well-versed with the nominees, winners, and key motoring industry trends. This involves researching the latest innovations, notable achievements, and the impact of these cars on the market.

Secondly, I focus on creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for the audience and ensuring a smooth flow of the event. Lastly, I think I approach any event with a sense of empowerment, embracing my unique perspective as a woman in a male-dominated industry. I aim to inspire and motivate, showcasing that women are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about cars. Overall, my preparation involves a balance of professionalism, industry expertise, and a touch of personal charm.

You’re a massive petrol head. Where did your passion for all things cars come from?

My passion for cars runs deep, and it’s a tribute to my late father, who owned a BMW 325is. Being driven to school in that car created lasting memories and a strong bond with cars. When I moved to Johannesburg, I had the fortune of meeting Pule Earm, who introduced me to the Soweto Drift Academy. Pule’s guidance opened my eyes to the true capabilities of the BMW 325is, known as the Gusheshe, and I was captivated. Feeling its power, mastering its movements, and understanding its nuances ignited a lifelong passion. Today, my own car is a testament to this love, a constantly evolving project where I explore the limits of sound, speed, and design to create my dream machine.

What is your dream car?
My dream car is definitely the Range Rover Autobiography. It’s not just about the luxury for me; it’s also about the space and safety it offers, which would be perfect for my future family adventures. Currently, I’m fortunate enough to drive a small, fast, and sexy car that I love. But now, I’m thinking ahead. It’s time to go big or go home, and the Range Rover Autobiography checks all the boxes for me.
What do the next few months have in store for Khutso Theledi?

In the next few months, you’ll definitely catch me on your TV screens—something very exciting is coming soon! However, radio is where my heart truly lies, especially during this radio season, which always brings a beautiful time for reflection. As I approach nearly 12 years in the radio and broadcasting space, hosting the mid-morning show “Break Away With Khutso Theledi” on Metro FM remains my greatest gift in my career. So, expect to hear me on the radio, radio, radio all the way! And like I always say ” A hi fambeni ” – together, let’s go!

The 2023/24 Cars.co.za Consumer Awards takes place at Sandton City on February 29, 2024, and promises to be a night of glamour, entertainment, and celebration, as industry leaders, automotive enthusiasts, and media representatives gather to honour the top vehicles in the South African market.

In a ground-breaking move, Cars.co.za, in partnership with Absa, will present the inaugural Cars.co.za Consumer Awards Roadshow at Sandton City Mall from February 29 to March 3. This unique event will bring the excitement of the awards directly to the public, showcasing all 39 vehicle brands that have reached the finalist stage. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to see, touch, and even test drive the country’s top automotive picks, receive personalized advice from Cars.co.za experts, and interact with Absa dealership partners. For those ready to make a purchase, this event will offer an unparalleled buying experience, allowing consumers to drive away in their chosen finalist car.

Established in 2015, the awards have become a benchmark for excellence in the automotive industry, guiding consumers to the best vehicles across 14 distinct categories, tailored to fit every lifestyle and budget.

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