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No more taxi maths: Here comes an easier way to pay

When was the last time you didn’t have cash on hand to pay for the taxi or were a few rands short on your taxi money? Never mind having to make sure you have enough cash on you. These days, cash isn’t always the best way to pay. Fortunately, Standard Bank is working on a way to help simplify taxi payments for commuters and drivers.

Carrying cash comes with risks. And it isn’t as convenient as we might think. From waiting in line at the ATM to having a wallet filled with coins, cash presents its fair share of headaches. For drivers, it means having to do constant calculations, while being a possible target for theft.

What if there was a way to take the stress away with a simple, safe, accessible cashless payment method? No need to count your coins, do complicated taxi maths, wait for change, or feel vulnerable on your daily trips in and around town. By going digital, drivers could save time and accept payments instantly; owners could benefit from valuable insights into passenger habits and preferences.

Woza Taxi Yam!

The good news is, Standard Bank is launching an easy-to-use mobile app that takes the stress out of paying for a taxi. “Taxi Yam is a complete mobility platform that will help taxi owners and drivers connect and interact with commuters,” says Motlatsi Mkalala, Head of Main Markets at Standard Bank. “Our goal is for the app to become a reliable part of the public transport system in South Africa and improve the lives of passengers, drivers, and owners. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for news about Taxi Yam.”

Taxi Yam will help you budget your monthly transport funds and give you a safe, secure place to store them. As a cashless payment solution, you can use the app to pay the exact amount for taxi fares without having to stop to draw cash.

Future plans also involve updating Taxi Yam to alert you when taxis are unavailable, provide information on road accidents, and tell you what the taxi fare is on a new route. The team is also working on a feature that will allow you to find and hail a taxi when you’re in a rush. And, with more information on commuters and their routes, taxi associations can start analysing data and making more informed transport decisions.

A cashless commute means less stress for travellers, and more control for taxi owners and associations. Through digital payments, commuters can pay an exact amount, knowing money will go straight to the right account. It’s safer and easier for everyone. And, with Standard Bank, it can be.

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