OPPO A72 is kind on your eyes

Not all smartphone displays are made equal, that’s why OPPO equipped the A72 with the best technology on offer to bring your content to vivid life. The 6,5” Neo-Display covers over 90 percent of the A72 front and is specially crafted to reduce light leak when displaying dark colours, which allows the blacks to be rich and deep. This also increases the contrast ratio and achieves better colour accuracy for better than real-life picture quality.
To make that brilliant picture quality truly endearing to the viewer OPPO developed Eye Care that reduces blue light from the screen to prevent eye strain. Excessive blue light exposure can hurt your eyes, cause headaches and upset your body’s natural circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle).
Eye Care is certified by TÜV Rheinland for safety and quality standards, so users can be sure that these displays don’t emit any hazardous UV light and that when the mode is active blue light content is less than 20 percent of the light spectrum. Eye Care Awareness Month (21 September to 18 October) was a time for reflection on the effect of digital devices on our eyes, but OPPO is committed to improving the display quality standards for all South Africans. Here are a few key tips to protect your eyes when using your OPPO device so that you can continue to open them to something beautiful long into the future:

  • Use Dark Mode to lessen eye strain, especially in a dim environment. 
  • Enable Eye Care to reduce blue light from the screen.
  • Enable Grayscale to curb your device addiction by turning your home screen grey to counteract the scientific tactics app makers use to keep you on your screen for longer. 
  • Enable Focus Mode in the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls to manage notifications and temporarily shut down distracting apps when you need to concentrate on something other than your phone.   
You can find shortcuts to these helpful features in the ColorOS Control Center on the OPPO A72, available now for R6999 or R399pm x 24 on post paid.  The OPPO A72 comes with free W11 Earbuds and OPPO Rewards. Available from all major retailers including Vodashop, Chatz, Vodaworld, Vodacom4UCellucity and Hi-Online.

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