Pokemon is a series of games where you capture and train monsters in order to have them battle. Part of the appeal to the game is that you are encouraged to “catch ‘em all” – a feat that is impossible without trading with other players. Some Pokemon only evolve when traded and past games have been released in pairs with some Pokemon being restricted to appearing in only one of them. Pokemon Go represents the title move into augmented reality – sending people out onto the streets to hunt down their Pokemon‚ with some amusing results.


Pokemon games have historically not had in-app purchases‚ but with Pokemon Go moving into a free-to-play business model‚ this means that it has also adopted a micro-transaction economy.

In other words‚ players can exchange real money for poke-coins‚ which they can then use to buy stuff in the game.

How To Get The Pokemon Go On Your Android or iOS Device in South Africa…

If you have an Android device, simply download the APK File online and transfer it to your device – you can simply email the APK link to yourself and download it onto your phone.All phones are factory set to block unofficial APK files so you will need to turn this setting off before you can install it.Go to Settings on your phone and switch to the “general” tab, if needed.

  1. Tap on the “Security” option.
  2. Tick the checkbox next to the “Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Confirm the warning message by tapping on “OK”

Once that is done, you can go into your phone’s file browser and it will allow the APK to be run. The application will now take you to an installation screen, featuring the Pokemon GO logo. Once that is complete you will be taken to a date of birth screen.


Once you have read the basic introductions to the game you will be asked to choose your characters gender, along with some character design details. When you have done all of that,and accepted the terms and conditions you are well on your way to exploring the outside world.The application itself is free-to-play and is reportedly working worldwide (the game itself relies on your phone’s location tracker to generate the in-game world).To begin, on your iOS Device:

  1. Download Pokemon Go here; Click Yes if asked whether you wish to install the app.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, it’ll appear like any other on your home screen. However, if you try to open it, it will inform you that it is untrusted and cannot be opened.
  3. Head to Settings – General – Device Management (this might be listed as Profiles, or Device and Profile Management on your device)
  4. Click on Yestech Technology Joint StocK Company underneath “Enterprise Apps”
  5. Click “Yestech Technology Joint StocK Company”
  6. Underneath Pokemon Go, click on Verify App.
  7. Should the app fail to verify, don’t panic. Proceed with the following:
  8. Head back to your home screen. If the app opens, congratulations! You’ve got a working copy of Pokemon Go.
  9. If it doesn’t, and proceeds to alert you that the app is still untrusted, hold down on the app until it enters the trademark Apple jiggle. Press on the home button to relieve the jiggle (do not delete the app)
  10. Try again – Pokemon Go should launch and become playable!

And there you have it… Enjoy! 😉