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Sony Xperia Z4 Design Revealed

With the recent Sony Pictures cyber-attack, there has been several juicy stories leaked to the Web. The most recent of these leaks revolves around Sony’s next flagship smartphone, the device expected to be called the Xperia Z4.


With regards to the leaked images of the ‘Xperia Z4’ –  There is a clear indication of similarity in design aesthetics to the current Xperia range of handsets, however are slightly different from each other which created much speculation that these are early design documents of the smartphone and that the Xperia Z4 may just end up looking dramatically different from what is seen here.


The images show bevelled edges, glass sides, mirror finishes to the front and back, resin bezels. The lock screen design also appears to match the colour of the phone, while a rear cushion is featured in another image.


So the question we ask is that… Will Sony be going ahead with the above if it is true or do they have a surprise lined up for all of us? Only time will tell…

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