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Spigen Case Leaks iPhone 15 Pro with Action Button

Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone (iPhone 15 Pro) is expected to feature an Action button instead of a mute switch. This comes after an image that has surfaced online – just hours before the device is expected to be officially revealed at Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ launch event.

Spigen Case has posted an image of a case that could very well be for the iPhone 15 Pro which indicates a third button above the volume controller, replacing Apple’s current iPhone mute switch.

Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ launch event is set to begin at 7pm South African Time tonight. According to previous reports, the Pro models will be equipped with an Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra that was launched last year.

This is the first image of a case for the upcoming iPhone model with the Action button from a well-known case maker, but the hardware feature was initially leaked via images of smartphone covers on Weibo in June.

Even though Apple does not typically share details of new hardware features coming to its devices, earlier reports have indicated that the new Action button will actually be programmable — suggesting quite clearly that it will be able to do much more than toggle between normal and silent modes on the device.

Code spotted in iOS 17 also suggests that this new action button could allow users to perform at numerous tasks – including toggle focus modes, accessibility features, the flashlight — or launch the camera to take photos and videos.

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