The benefits of the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud


Today, most of our personal data is produced and consumed through our handheld digital devices; from photos to documents, to videos and contacts – it’s all a few taps away. Unlike a decade ago, when losing or damaging a hardcopy of a photo album, notepad, video tape or phonebook meant it was irretrievable, today we have platforms like the Cloud to solve that challenge.

In tech speak, we hear a lot about the term ‘Cloud’. It is a useful and essential tool for every consumer, and not just a sophisticated technology reserved for businesses or tech gurus.  If you own a smart handheld device, you need to make sure that you are securing and safeguarding your data by making use of mobile cloud storage to your advantage.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is “home to your memories”

With everything having gone digital, one of the key advantages of cloud technology is that it provides you with a secure repository where you can keep your data safe and accessible forever. A mobile cloud is a form of cloud storage where your mobile data is backed up and transmitted to remote devices, giving you access to it at any time and from anywhere.

That is why HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is home to your memories. The HUAWEI Mobile Cloud ensures all your memories and important information are safe and accessible, no matter what happens to your Huawei device.

The HUAWEI Mobile Cloud enables you to back up data from several files, such as photos, audio, videos, documents, compressed files, and apps.

Back up your preferred way

To back up this data, you have two options – automatic or manual. To make things easier for yourself, you can set your Huawei device to automatically back up your data once every seven days when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Or, you can choose when to back up your data and then manually connect your Huawei device to an available Wi-Fi network. For HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you simply go to Settings > Log in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Cloud backup and then select BACK UP to start the backup.

Access your data from any device, any time with data sync

Apart from safeguarding and storing your data, you may also want to be able to transfer data across other Huawei devices you own. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud allows you to transfer your data to be automatically synchronised across other Huawei devices.

The ability to switch between Huawei devices is really useful, as you might want to use your different devices for different purposes. For instance, instead of using your phone to access certain files like your photos, you might prefer to do so from your Huawei tablet because it has a larger screen to view your pictures. You can even log into your HUAWEI Mobile Cloud from your PC on their website.

A HUAWEI ID is essential to access the cloud

To access HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you will need to have a registered HUAWEI ID account to enable Cloud storage. This is very simple to set up. Bear in mind that HUAWEI Mobile Cloud is available on other types of android phones and PCs, too. With a HUAWEI ID, you will be able to conveniently manage your Cloud storage data from any device and at any time.

Once you start storing and backing up data, you will be allowed 5GB of free HUAWEI Mobile Cloud storage. Should you need more storage however, there are more storage packages available from HUAWEI Mobile Cloud for 50GB, 200GB, and 2048GB, which you can easily upgrade to, starting from a small fee of R14.99 per month.

Affordable HUAWEI Mobile Cloud package options

Below is the standard pricing of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud:

Huawei Mobile Cloud50GB200GB2048GB
Monthly (Subscription)R14.99R44.99R149.99
6 months (Once-off)R89.94R269.94R899.94
12 months (Once-off)R178.99R539.88R1799.88
Yearly (Subscription)R178.99R539.88R1799.88

As data can be sensitive and personal, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud ensures that it complies with global best practices of cyber security and data privacy so you can rest assured your data is safe when backed up onto the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.  With a nine-layer protection in place, whether the data was manually or automatically backed up, you are guaranteed optimal data security. You can set security settings yourself and customise these depending on your preferences. All your data is stored in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

It’s time to start taking advantage of the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and ensure your most valuable information and memories are safeguarded in the Cloud. If you own any Huawei device, be smart about the safety of your data and use HUAWEI Mobile Cloud storage to your advantage.

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