Unlocking paid apps and value-added services with HUAWEI Points


Providing a gateway to productivity and entertainment during lockdown, apps have people glued to their smartphones more than ever. From binge watching content on HUAWEI Video, to holding conference calls on Zoom to keep connected with colleagues as well as family and friends, to playing games to keep entertained. Not to mention, fitness and wellness apps to help us make the most of the ‘new normal’ during this unprecedented time.

Some of these apps are free, some are paid for, whilst some provide value-added services requiring payment to fully leverage them and Huawei’s virtual currency, HUAWEI Points, is the key to payment. These points can be used for purchases in apps on the HUAWEI Mobile Services ecosystem such as HUAWEI AppGallery, Games, Themes, Video, Music and Cloud.

How to earn HUAWEI Points

Huawei is constantly running promotions where you can be rewarded with these points. If you purchase any Huawei app products at the moment, you may receive up to 50% back in Huawei points.

In the nearby future, device users will also be able to top up their HUAWEI Points account, using a variety of methods including online bank payments, third-party payments, and HUAWEI Gift Cards.  The monetary value of a HUAWEI Point is equal to R1.00 and purchased or accumulated points are valid for 3 years.

What you can buy with your points

While your HUAWEI Points won’t be able to purchase you physical Huawei goods such as phones, tablets, watches, bands, routers, etc., they can be used for in-app purchases on the HMS ecosystem such as HUAWEI AppGallery, Video, Cloud, Music, Themes, and GameCenter.

HUAWEI AppGallery offers loads of really cool apps which cater to any of your needs, from gaming, to communication, to banking, to education. Download your paid app and simply choose HUAWEI Points as your payment method.

Although HUAWEI Mobile Cloud starts you off with 5GB free storage, you will have to pay to upgrade your storage space to back up more content, if need be. Using HUAWEI Points, you can purchase and upgrade cloud storage, too. So, if you’re taking multiple selfies and videos all the time, you need to ensure it is protected and backed up on the cloud.

You can also spend your points on Themes. Switch up the look and feel of your device every now and then by exploring multiple theme designs available on the HUAWEI Themes app. The range of themes for your device is quite varied so you can definitely find a theme that suits your personality or appeals to your taste.

You can even use your points on HUAWEI Video, an online streaming video service where you can browse, search, playback and cache online videos. 

How to retrieve your HUAWEI Points

To view, claim and spend HUAWEI Points on your device, go to:

  • Phone Settings
  • Click top banner to enter <Account centre>
  • Payment and purchases
  • HUAWEI Points

The HUAWEI Points make for a great ‘exclusive’ currency for Huawei users. Explore the suite of apps on the Huawei ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of HUAWEI Points when purchasing a variety of virtual goods and value-added services.

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