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Will tablet games trump the Sony PSP?

Are tablet games replacing the Sony PSP?


The mobile gaming industry has exploded over the last few years and tablets have become an incredibly popular multimedia device. Tablets seem to seamlessly combine great gaming opportunities with business tools and many of the newer tablets are now enabling cellular connectivity, meaning that the devices can work just as well as standard smart phones when it comes to communicating.

Since the tablet offers so much more functionality than a handheld console, it’s not surprising that sales from mobile consoles like the Sony PSP are not as high as expected. The question then arises, can tablets trump the Sony PSP and other mobile gaming consoles, or is the demand for gaming specific devices going to remain as strong as ever?

All-in-one multimedia mobile magic

A tablet offers a multitude of functions and is essentially able to perform the same tasks as a computer. However, not all tablets offer an exceptional gaming platform. The software and hardware specs of the tablet all differ greatly, depending on the device manufacturer. Apple devices only run the iOS software, whereas devices that run Android are varied. If you wanted to move onto a tablet, you could still make money from your Sony PSP by selling it to gamers who prefer mobile consoles that are gaming specific and that have software designed especially to offer an optimum gaming experience.

The Sony PSP has been designed to offer high resolution, graphically intense gaming, whereas not all tablets are equipped to handle the fast pace and required resolution to make a gaming experience enjoyable. If you are choosing a tablet for its gaming properties, ensure that the hardware and software is equipped to handle the games you wish to play; otherwise, you may be let down by the gaming quality. Tablets offer multimedia mobile magic, but if you wish to enjoy the same quality gaming and great entertainment that you would with a Sony PSP or other gaming specific hand-held console, you will need to ensure they are spec’d accordingly.

Portable consoles keep gamers hooked

Serious gamers still prefer portable console products over the tablet version. However, with the huge selection of apps available for either Android or iOS, this is changing. The gaming purists maintain that a tablet cannot equal the performance of a mobile console and perhaps in many sectors, they are right. The gaming software and games are generally more advanced than the apps and games available for tablets and the performance is guaranteed to offer optimum satisfaction.

A major advantage for Sony PSP players is the navigation and game controls. Tablets rely 100% on the touch screen. Although this offers an interactive option for all gamers, it is also limiting when playing games that require an instant and accurate response.

Sony has also released several tablets into the market and it will be interesting to see whether they will capitalise on this when creating portable game consoles in the future. Currently, it seems many people who are searching for an all in one solution are moving to tablets as they are a cheaper option that offer more functionality, but for now there is definitely still a spot in the market for devices like the PSP.

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