DS Exclusive: Catching Up With Keshav Maharaj

Keshav Maharaj is a  Durban born South African Dolphins Cricket Player and recently he was chosen onto the A side of the South African cricket team. A left arm orthodox spin bowler and a right hand batsman, Keshav is ready to represent his country and aims to reach newer heights in his career. We caught up with this amazing individual. Check out the full interview below…
1. When did you first start playing cricket?
I started at the age of 3 playing cricket in my backyard. My grandad who is an ex Natal cricket player inspired this passion.
Professionally I started my career 10 years ago.
2. Who was Keshav as a kid?
(Laughing) I was a fat tub of butter ghee. I loved eating. I enjoyed sport especially playing soccer and cricket and at the age of 11 I had to choose between soccer or cricket and ofcourse I chose the latter.
3. Talk to me about your family 
My mum – She’s the best. Always supportive.
My dad – He is my role model.
Sister – My pillar of strength 
And just recently I got a niece. She’s is just the cutest thing on this planet.
4. You represented South Africa at the KZN Africa T20 Cup last year. Talk to me about this experience 
This is one cool experience. It’s where all teams get together and play a really good, competitive game of cricket. This Cup is a mixtures of amateur and experienced players therefore making it very special. You are able to learn a lot from these players as well.
It’s happening again this year in September and I will be apart of the squad.
5. You were recently selected on to the South African A side cricket team. How do you feel about this and are there any specific aims you have in mind?
It feels nice to have accolades. I love doing what I do and representing my country is the best. I’m going to work hard and ensure that I reach the progress I aim at achieving. 
6. What makes you different from other cricket players?
Definitely the hard work that’s involved. I’m not a 9-5 guy I am a 9-12 guy.
I love working on my own. Left in my own little shell. It’s gives me time to reflect and be better able to find my strengths. I am responsible for my life. Also turning all my negatives into positives has helped me a lot.
7.  If you weren’t a cricket player, what career path would you have chosen and why?
A chef! I love cooking, It’s my second hobby. Traveling a lot allows you to cook on your own because eating healthy is a must and take outs never works.
I do have a food blog as well and it’s a work in progress for now. 
Butter chicken is my favorite meal to prepare but of course on the healthy side.
8. What are your words of encouragement for aspiring cricket players out there?
Never give up on your dreams, just push harder. Obstacles will always be there, just get rid of them one by one.
Like the great Mohammed Ali said, “Training only started when I got tired” 
So if he could, you can too!!!

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